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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tribute to Oliver Sacks

It's painful to accept the fact that this amazing human being is terminally ill and is going to pass away soon. Dr. Oliver Sacks has lived a rich, fulfilling, and relentlessly unapologetic life. This drawing is my tribute to him and my way of saying goodbye to someone who I greatly admire. I rarely call any specific individual an inspiration but Dr. Sacks is an exception. His infinite curiosity and love of learning is a constant reminder for me to strive to be the same way and I will forever remember him.

For anyone who hasn't read his recent autobiography, I HIGHLY recommend it:

On the Move: A Life

I also recommend reading his two most recent articles in the New York Times. He discusses the beauty of life and how little of it he has left. His writing is very emotional, thoughtful, and philosophical:

My Own Life

My Periodic Table

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