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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mount San Jacinto

Hiking has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  It's one of those activities where you are struggling and even hating the situation as you are in it but once you reach your goal and finish the hike, you feel an immense sense of satisfaction for taking on the challenge. I believe this is an important life lesson we should all learn. You have to repeatedly place yourself in situations where the journey itself is difficult and painful (emotionally, physically, or both) but once it's over, you can look back and be proud of what you accomplished.  If you consistently take on challenges such as these, the experiences you gain keep building off of each other. Every time a more challenging situation comes along, you can look back at all the previous ones you have conquered and this gives you the confidence to face your fears and take on the new challenge.

Here are some recent pictures of a 12-mile hike in San Jacinto State Park in Palm Springs, CA.

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