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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Western Influence

I have never seen this issue summarized in such a clear manner. It's worth a read.

"The West decided what a nation was, determining the boundaries of the new nations. It decided which peoples got their own nation and which did not. The results are as bad as with other Western top-down schemes in developing countries today. The west imposed its map of the world on a quilt of thousands of linguistic groups, religious creeds, tribes, and racial mixtures. The West's drunken parallelograms did not give nations to some existing ethnic nationalities while creating other nationalities where non existed before.

The resulting "nations" started their ill-starred journey with ethnic and nationalist grievances.

The West played with peoples as chess pieces in pursuit of the West's own security aims, frustrating the right of peoples to choose their own destiny.

The political crises that make the headlines today have some roots in past Western treatment of peoples as "pawns in a game." Look behind the modern-day headline and often you will find the machinations of some long-forgotten colonial planner."

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