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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something to Think About

A thought.

There is no guide for properly raising children.  No matter how amazing and well-meaning the parents are, they are going to make mistakes that lead to the child having various issues and problems as he grows up. These problems can range from annoying/mild to severe depending on the situation.

Additionally,  there is no guide on how to lead a rich and fulfilling life. You are going to make mistakes and end up in situations that will be difficult to recover from.

Finally, we can't control what happens to us and we will deal with situations that "damage" us and make us flawed in some way.

With all of the above factors combined, every person is guaranteed to be flawed in a variety of ways.

The important takeaway here is realizing that no matter how ideal of a life you have had thus far, you have issues and you need to be self-aware and humble enough to acknowledge them and deal with them as well as you can.

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